About Bora Jet Private


Bora Private owns and operates its very own large cabin, ultra-long range Bombardier Global Express XRS business jet. The “Glex” flies intercontinental ranges non-stop which makes it the ideal candidate for long distance flights such as Tokyo to Los Angeles or New York to Cairo.


Offering quality service is essential to Bora Private. Our aircraft combinas comfort and safety with state of the art avionics encased in a luxurious cabin while our highly experienced pilots and expertly trained cabin crew view each trip as an opportunity to deliver the best private flight experience our prestigious guests have ever had.

Just choose your destination and leave the rest to us!

Home Comfort

14 passengers seating design can be arranged in to 2 double and 3 single bed set-ups, allowing maximum comfort.

VIP Catering

A luxurious array of food and beverages are always on hand while any special catering request from a restaurant of your choice is meticulously prepared and served by our cabin crew.

Sky Office

On board Wi-Fi and essential office equipment allows you to continue your business even at 51000ft.

Safety First

Your safety is our top priority. That is why a team of 70 engineers and technicians situated in our private hangars in İstanbul do routine checks on our aircraft which is flown by some of the best pilots in the region, all the while being monitored by Bora Private Dispatch on the ground who follow every aspect of your flight from departure to arrival.

Medical Link

With cabin crew who have special nurses training and the TEMPUS “Health Monitoring System” on board, we are prepared to deal with any unwanted medical situation in the sky.

TEMPUS technology enables our cabin crew to monitor vitals and relay them directly to a doctor or hospital on the ground via video conferencing.

Refreshing Flight

Contrary to many other private jets, our aircraft circulates 100% sea level oxygen which eliminates fatigue that can occur after long distance flights.


Tel : +90 212 465 2878

Fax : +90 212 465 2876